Techno Cut: the best solution

At Techno Cut Hungary making die cut forms has no limits. All kinds of forms and sizes can be cut with the greatest precision. Our goal is to make all our products meet the highest requirements.
Our products are delivered in rolls, sheets or sets according to the requests of our clients. Our service is highly qualified and is ready to give a solution to all the requirements of our clients.
The products we work with are double-sided tape, masking tape, foam, EPDM, neoprene, rubber, felt, plastic, vinyl, bumpon, bumper, protective foil, film, abrasive, adhesive paper, polycarbonate, cork, textile and every kind of flexible material.

Electronics sector

  • Cutting electronic parts
  • Rapid and simple fixation of parts
  • Production of sealing/gasket
  • Bonding circuits
  • Surface protective films
  • Phone screens
  • Protective gaskets
  • Optical films

Automotive sector

  • Cutting automotive parts
  • Automotive electronics
  • Sealing and insulation
  • Sound and vibration dampening
  • Protection
  • Fixation of supplementary car parts
  • Interior and exterior attachments
  • Emblems for cars

Building construction sector

  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Window insulation
  • Filtration
building construction

Packaging and logistic sector

  • Cutting packaging parts
  • Protective films
  • Labels

Gasket sector

  • Cutting gasket parts
  • Silicone gasket
  • Rubber gasket
  • Foam gasket
  • Vulkolan gasket
  • Mylar gasket
  • TNT
  • Textile
  • Textile non woven
  • Velcro
foam gasket

Label and identification sector

  • Cutting label
  • Printing label
  • Special labels

Orthopedic sector

  • Cutting orthopedic parts
  • Velcro
  • Felt
  • Foam
  • TNT
  • Textile
  • Non woven textile
orthopedic sector

Solar and wind energy

  • Cleaning technology
  • Solar panel
  • Protective film
  • Double sided adhesive
  • Gasket
solar and wind energy

Furniture sector

  • Felt
  • Foam
  • Bumpon
  • Bumper
  • Protective films