Techno Cut: the best solution

Techno Cut Hungary has been present on the Hungarian market for several years and it is in continual growing together with the demand of the market thanks to its service and to its qualified team.

During these years Techno Cut Hungary has developed a high quality  service and a strong and profitable collaboration with technology suppliers of converting machines, and it always stands by its customers in order to find the optimal solutions for all their requests.

Techno Cut Hungary is specialized in every industrial sector in converting double- sided tape, masking tape, foam, EPDM, neoprene, rubber, felt, plastic, vinyl, bumpon, bumper, protective foil, film, abrasive, adhesive paper, polycarbonate, cork, textile and every kind of flexible material for different applications.
The goal of the Techno Cut Hungary is to help out customers by fulfilling their requirements from the idea, the design phase up to the production and the delivery of our excellent quality products. We are working to provide our customers with high quality products at competitive prices.
Techno Cut Hungary has quality control during all process of the production from design and development to packaging and storage all materials.
Techno Cut Hungary during the continuous development takes everything into consideration to prevent any pollution that our business activities may cause and minimize the effect we have on the environment.