Techno Cut: the best solution

Techno Cut Hungary offers to its clients a vast range of foam and compact products for the most industrial sectors as: automotive, electronics, building construction, packaging and logistic, label and identification, gasket, solar system, aerospace, orthopedic, sportive, filtration, nautical sectors.

The different materials can be find in blocks, slabs, rolls in customized sizes, or can be cut second of the drawing, with the technology die-cutting or kiss-cutting.

Our service is higly qualified and gives to our clients a guarantee of quality and an answer to the various needs of the the market.


  • PU
  • EPDM
  • NR
  • Neoprene
  • EVA
  • PVC
  • Silicone
  • NBR
  • Viton
  • Hypalon
  • SBR

Techno Cut Hungary offers to its clients a vast range of high quality European foams for different industrial sectors. All of our materials can be laminated with different adhesives and double-sided adhesives of the main brands like tesa, 3M, Nitto, ATP, Avery Dennison, SELF, Boston Tapes, Boma, Afera, Scapa, Biesse.



Insulation and fire safety

foam insulation acoustic foam acoustic insulation

Closed cell poliurethane foam.

Acoustic impedant
The main characteristic of the acoustic-impedant materials is the same as the sound-absorption one, but with the addition of lead, rubber or charged PVC sheet.

  • air condition
  • suitable at large equipment (tractors, trucks) ,car engine, compressor
  • ceiling and wall in the recording studios, discotheques (self-extinguishing Class 1)
  • residential use
  • for industrial premises
  • gyms
TC/FC Line

                                                  Water and air filtration

water filter

air filter

An open-cell, cross-linked polyurethane foam on polyesther basis, which gives warranty and safety on the filtration of air, dusts and water.


  • air filtration at the automotive industry 
  • air conditioning and ventilation systems in residential and industrial areas.
  • water filtration: in domestic use, aquarium, laboratories

TC/GumC Line

Foam rubber

foam rubber                                          foam rubber
Sponge rubber, open or close cell. Smooth or cloth impression surfaces.

Industries in general, electronics, electromechanics
  • cushioning material
  • Industry in general
  • electronics
  • electromechanics
  • computer mouse pad
TC/IC Line

Thermo stability

Insulating tubes and sheets anti-condensate, closed cell.

  • insulation and protection for heating, conditioning and cooling plants
  • when laying the internal and external wiring
                                      Multi-purpose application
automotive foam           packaging foam
Extruded, cross-linked, closed cell Polyethylene foam tubes for air-conditioning and cooling.
Very good physical properties in static and dynamic field, softness, resilience, thermal deformation, shock-absorption. Thermal insulation, very low water absorption and steam permeability, resistance to atmospheric agent, no-pollution, chemical-inert.

  • navigation
  • sports accessories
  • packing
  • camping
  • building construction
  • automotive industry
  • gyms
  • swimming-pools
  • lighting
  • life-jackets
  • insulation material for heating
  • yachting
  • medicine
TC/EC Line
Multifunction application
orthopedic foam sportive foam
Polyethylene foam with EVA, very fine cell, good elasticity, flexibility and mechanical resistance.
  • Sports equipment
  • Yachting
  • Orthopedics
  • Footwear industry, sports shoes
  • Child's play
  • Manufacture of furniture (sofa)
  • Promotional products (key chains, souvenirs)
  • Installation of exhibition stands
  • Decoration

                                               Thermic and acoustic insulation

gasket epdm                        sportive neoprene
Foam rubber -closed or open cell - with or without adhesive.(NR-SBR/EPDM/CR/NBR-PVC). Neoprene sponge. EPDM sponge open cell.

  • thermal and acoustic insulation for doors and windows frames.
  • cushioning
  • sport sector
  • orthophedic sector
  • building construction
  • body armor (like protective material)
  • when riding (as a protective material)
  • sponge wash dishes, brush for cleaning windows
  • lifejackets
  • as packaging material
TC/SC Line                                                    Application for gasket and high temperature
gasket for high temperature     thermical insulation
Silicone rubber open or closed cell.

Soft and deformable gaskets for high temperature. It is indispensable in all the industrial sectors that need a very good thermal and acoustic insulation, according to the safety standard. Seals at high temperatures, used in all industries that require high quality insulation.
  • Heat, sound proof insulation
  • It is used in heating installations
  • In the printing presses to print on T-shirts - Thermal transfer

As sealing material:

  • Bakery ovens
  • Generators
  • Heating boilers
  • Ironing equipment
 TC/VYC Line                                             
Soft and resistant                                                         
insulatation anticondensate                      water gasket
Self extinguishing PVC foam rolls and foam profiles.

Applications: Anti-condensate insulation (conditioning and cooling), acoustic insulation to eliminate the vibrations, on window and door frames, sealing stripes against water, dust and noise. Very good resistance to: ageing, oils, alcali, acids.
  • Armoured doors (as cushioning material) against: dust, moisture, noise
  • Internal lining in the switch box
  • Condensing insulation, noise insulation, vibration isolation - in general
  • Window industry (as a cushioning material) against: dust, moisture, noise
                                        Resistance to compression, shock resistance
automotive component                     vulcolan spring

Closed cell Polyurethane foam.

Vulkocell is suitable to solve swinging problems.This is the result of a low absorption and a higher
dynamic load capacity. Vulkocell characteristics assure larger work capacity awith an increased density.

  • springs and shock-absorbers for automotive industry
  • gaskets for bonnets
  • joints for ball bearing, clutch rings, pressure bars.
  • installing the elevators (as a shock-absorber)
  • household appliances
  • shock absorbers for printing
TC/EULA Line                        Excellent resistance to abrasion and laceration
Polyurethane with high maximum tensile strenght
abrasion resistant
Industrial gasket in general
Solid rubber sheeting
industrial gasket
Techno Cut Hungary offers exclusively a product with innovative characteristic. Extremely flexible with easy application. Guaranteed performance for barrier against heat. The main use of the product TC/FIB is to protect the body and belly near the exhaust pipes, it can be placed between the airbox and the throttle body allowing the flow of cold air, to be placed under the saddle to protect the driver from the heat of the motor and exhaust pipe. TC/FIB can be used in any situation where problems of extreme heat arise.
high temperature resistance racing component tc/fib gasket
TC/FIB is available in the following combinations:
Aluminium+  TC/FIB + Adhesive
Adhesive  +  TC/FIB + Adhesive
Aluminium+  TC/FIB + Aluminium
Aluminium+  TC/FIB
Adhesive  +  TC/FIB
TC/ FIB must be applied 2 mm from heat sources over 400 °C
Heat specifications:
Aluminium  Embosses 1200 aluminium
Heat of fusion
657 °C
2,5 mm thick +/- 410 gr/sqm
4,0 mm thick +/- 570 gr/sqm
Application temperature between -23 °C and 200 °C
Fiber heat resistance over 400 °C
Finished product heat resistance over 1000 °C