Techno Cut: the best solution

Techno Cut Hungary uses the best quality products in order to be able to give to its clients a guarantee of quality in all kinds of applications in their final products. The products we work with are double- sided tape, masking tape, foam, EPDM, neoprene, rubber, felt, plastic, vinyl, bumpon, bumper, protective foil, film, abrasive, adhesive paper, polycarbonate, cork, textile and every kind of flexible material. We convert and sell the whole range of tesa products, - transfer tape, double-sided tape, self adhesive tape, masking tape,-whom we have a very close collaboration with and whose products we convert since we are tesa key converter in the Central European Region. You can visit the official website for further information:
Techno Cut Hungary also introduces on the market  vast range of materials of protective film and foil, application tape. 

Another line of products Techno Cut Hungary works with is the line of foam with an enormous range of high quality  European products:
  • foam open cell, cross-linked, polyurethane on polyester basis
  • natural rubber foam open cell
  • sponge rubber, open or closed cell
  • insulating tubes and sheets anti-condensate closed cell
  • extruded, cross-linked closed cell Polyethylene foam tubes for air-condition and cooling
  • neoprene sponge
  • silicone rubber open or closed cell
  • self extinguishing PVC foam
  • compact Vulcolon
  • solid rubber
  • compact and sponge rubber
  • extruder rubber
  • extruder silicone
The Techno Cut Hungary represents a lot of other well known companies in different industrial sectors. Please contact us for further information at
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